Ashley Kennedy

ID: Ashley is a White woman. She is wearing dark purple glasses and a white shirt with a pink flower on it. There is a tattoo of a crescent moon on her left arm. She has brown, medium-length hair pulled back. Behind her are trees shown with the leaves fallen off. 

Najmo Jama

ID: Najmo is a Black Deaf Queer Trans-masc. Najmo has brown skin tone, a facial piercing, bright red afro curly hair and is wearing black glasses with clear stripes on the bottom frame. They are also wearing a white T-shirt with a dark grayish denim jacket and fur collar. 

Behind them, they are outside on a beautiful bright morning, with beautiful green trees and colorful autumn leaves on the grass and sidewalks. The blue sky is hidden behind the trees. There is also a red SUV hidden behind the trees and bushes.

Danielle Sanders

ID:  Danielle is a Black hard-of-hearing woman. She is smiling and squinting from the sun while wearing a white shirt with spaghetti straps. The background behind her is dark. She has short, curly black hair

Sarah Castor

ID:  Sarah is a Caucasian Deaf woman. She is smiling and wearing a black shirt. There is a light gray background behind her. She has wavy brown hair and braces, and is wearing a pink scrunchie on her left wrist.