ID: The American Society for Deaf Children's logo shows four different colored hands signing "I love you" in American Sign Language (ASL). "American Society for Deaf Children" encircles the hands.

ID: This Is My Brave's logo is enclosed in a yellow bordered box. The text "This Is My Brave - Heart Truth: Stories from the Deaf community" is written in black.

ID: The accesSOS logo shows an image of two gray rectangles overlapping each other, forming what appears to be a bandage. In the center of the bandage is a red circle which comes to a point at the bottom. Beneath the bandage is accesSOS written in black and red text. 

ID: The logo for Access Vine shows the capital letter "A" in blue and green color text. The "A" has a thin stem with two oval-shaped petals that are a blue-green color. "Access Vine: Learn. Include. Grow." is written in blue-green text beneath the "A."

ID: The documentary poster for Being Michelle shows Michelle, a White woman with short red hair, holding a piece of her art work in front of her face. The background shows a reddish sky with trees and a police car.

ID: The logo for Thriving Roots Initiative is a circle filled in with a blur of orange, green, and yellow colors. There are circular lines filling the logo and a plant with three leaves in the center. Beneath the circular logo is, "Thriving Roots Initiative" written so that the letters appear to be sprouting branches.

ID: The logo for Orange Kite Productions shows a person running while flying an orange kite on a black string. The orange kite has long, orange streamers curving around the person. Beneath this image is the text, "Orange Kite Productions" written in black and orange.

ID: The logo for My Deaf Therapy shows a blue outlined circle. Within the circle is a blue outline of a person signing "therapy" in American Sign Language. The text beneath the circle says "My Deaf Therapy."

ID: The logo for The Giving Cypress is a circle filled in with blotches of blue, orange, and green color. Inside the circle is written, "Give Nature Some Love." To the right of the text is an outline of a person wrapping their arms around their shoulders. There are plants sprouting above the person's head.

ID: The National Deaf Therapy logo shows a circular image with a gray-blue background. In the center of the logo are the outlines of two gray-blue hands signing "therapy" in American Sign Language. The hands are set against a pale, gray, rectangular background. 

We are grateful to our partners for supporting our shared missions towards better serving deaf people. Thank you for all that you do for deaf communities everywhere!


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